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Writing in Process..

A great, unique story and of course attractively written.
For two debutants writer/filmmakers with high ambitions we know we need to stand out in every way. But, do we have a talent for writing? Having a great idea does not mean you know how to put it on paper. We talked to several scriptwriters and decided to write the first difficult part, the synopsis, ourselves and leave the actual screenwriting to an expert.

So what do we write? The synopsis is the framework for a film. It contains the development of the main character and the obstacles he/she has to overcome. The synopsis should also reveal the major event, turning points and how the story ends. So, what we are trying to create is a compressed story from beginning to end that also leaves enough room for creative interpretation of a screenwriter.

With the help of a professional script coach, Maarten Almekinders, who believes in our story and in our dream we are in the process of putting together the best elements of the tons of words and ideas we gathered during the last eight months.

These were months of reading, writing, re-writing, research, watching movies, brainstorming, laughing, crying, more reading, more writing and endless re-writing!
Our coach Maarten: ‘The two of you have an impressive speed of creating new documents! All the exercise will be paid back. I believe Robert McKee when he said you will have to eliminate 90% of ‘shitty writing’ in order to come to the 10% valuable writing.”

It finally looks like the 10% we have been working for is slowly but surely surfacing. And then, we will be heading for the next phase; preparing our film pitch..