Mrs De Bie

Sector 9S

Short science fiction thriller – producer / cast (Mrs. De Bie)

Sector 9S is a futuristic short film depicting life on a distant planet where a group of scientist struggle to keep the colony alive. Oxygen shortage forces them to make a hard decision. They have to sacrifice lives in order to save part of the colony. What nobody knows is that one of the scientists has a daughter in one of the colonies.

Nominations & Awards

‘Overijssels Film Festival’ October 2019

 ‘China International Conference of Science and Education Producers’ 2019


– Silver Award: Twents Festival van de Korte Film 2019

– 48 Hour Nijmegen 2018: Best Visual Effects


– Out of the Can Film Festival 2018: Best Drama

– The Hague Film Awards 2019: Best Short

Special Mentions:

48 hour nijmegen 2018: 

– Best Poster

– Audience Favorite group A

Official selections:

– Noordelijk Film Festival 2018

– LTUE Film Festival 2018

– Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival 2019

– Dunedin International Film Festival 2018

– Lense Film Festival 2019

– Vlaardings Film Festival 2019

– LHC Open Doek 2019