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Pre screening ‘Patch’ in Lab111 Amsterdam

Last week ‘Patch’ was screened before its first live audience; friends, family, crew, production team and befriended film professionals. It was a great evening in a cheerful atmosphere in the lively in Amsterdam-West. DutchCheez, Marinda and Karen, almost fainted at this first moment of truth of their big dream. For director Kristjan Knigge, Mariska Breedland and McG Media it was a big moment too, as it was the culmination of their enormous joint efforts

Luckily, Ronald Rovers is a great host who is an expert in leading a Q&A in a relaxed manner. The audience responded enthusiastically at the screening. Consequently, the evening became a cheerful party as the bar and DJ of Lab111 offered a perfect setting for this screening and after party of ‘Patch’.